Organic RAW Almonds

Organic RAW Almonds

These almonds are shelled and are not pasteurized or roasted. These almonds have the enzymes our bodies need to properly break down large molecules into smaller ones so they can be absorbed by the intestines. Starch molecules, for example, are too large to be absorbed from the intestine, but enzymes hydrolyze the starch chains into smaller molecules such as maltose and eventually glucose, which can then be absorbed by the body. Eating these almonds are part of eating a healthy diet. I normally ship Nonpareil variety except 20lbs will receive 50% Nonpareil, 50% Monterey. Fritz variety also available. Call for special requests.

This product is processed in a peanut free environment.

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We are sorry but we are out of RAW Almonds until September 2017. If you would like us to e-mail you when we have our next crop ready, please fill out the form below.

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You may also contact us by telephone at (530) 507-8222 or email us at capayhillsorchard@gmail.com.

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