Organic RAW Almonds

Organic RAW Almonds

These almonds are shelled and are not pasteurized or roasted. These almonds have the enzymes our bodies need to properly break down large molecules into smaller ones so they can be absorbed by the intestines. Starch molecules, for example, are too large to be absorbed from the intestine, but enzymes hydrolyze the starch chains into smaller molecules such as maltose and eventually glucose, which can then be absorbed by the body. Eating these almonds are part of eating a healthy diet. I normally ship Nonpareil variety except 20lbs will receive 50% Nonpareil, 50% Monterey. Fritz variety also available. Call for special requests.

This product is processed in a peanut free environment.

Pricing Options:

Instead of PayPal, I can take credit cards over the phone, call 530 507-8222 or mail a check in. Our total prices include shipping for any US location (including Alaska & Hawaii). We ship via the most economical method US Postal Service Priority mail, flat rate options. For international shipping, bulk orders or ORDERING MULTIPLE PRODUCTS (RAW/SMOKED/BUTTER), please contact us by e-mail or phone so I can save you shipping costs.

*DO NOT Use PayPalís shopping cart to update quantity, use the website to select the quantity you desire.

Limited Stock

We are now accepting limited sales of nonpareil almonds, see price grid below.  We expect full unlimited sales in early to mid October. If you would like an email reminder when unlimited sales are ready and the other varieties are ready, please provide us your email if you have not done so already.

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You may also contact us by telephone at (530) 507-8222 or email us at capayhillsorchard@gmail.com.

We just received the almonds from the sheller and it take us a week to sort, bag and box them, so all orders will be shipped Priority Mail after September 15th

Lbs $/Lb Ship Total Due PayPal Notes
1 12.00 6.60 18.35
2 12.00 6.60 30.60
3 12.00 6.60 42.60
4 12.00 6.60 54.60
5* 12.00 6.60 66.60 Ready in Oct. 1/2 NonPareil 1/2 Monterey Variety
5 12.00 6.60 66.60
6 12.00 11 83.00
7 12.00 7.25 91.25
7 12.00 11 97.90
8 12.00 13.90 109.90 Ready in Oct.  
10* 11.00 13.90 123.90 Ready in Oct. 1/2 NonPareil 1/2 Monterey Variety
10 11.00 13.90 123.90 Ready in Oct.  
13 11.00 13.90 156.90 Ready in Oct.  
15 10.00 10.55 160.55 Ready in Oct. CA, NV, OR, UT ONLY
15 10.00 18.50 168.50 Ready in Oct.  
20* 10.00 19.10 219.10 Ready in Oct. 1/2 NonPareil 1/2 Monterey Variety
30* 10.00 21.10 321.10 Ready in Oct. CA, NV, OR, UT ONLY

*Packed with 1/2 NonPareil and 1/2 Monterey separated- excellent for almond milk recipe
NonPareil- sweeter, best eaten raw.
Monterey- sweet but more full flavor, good for cooking.
Fritz- full flavor, smaller, excellent for cooking