Orchard Newsletter

Here are our orchard newsletters

May-July 2014 (Q2) - Newsletter (drought, pasteurization, harvest)

August-October 2014 (Q3) - Newsletter (harvest, spraying and compost, winter)

November-January 2015 (Q4) - Newsletter (cold and wet, December work, busy times, on that note)

Febuary-April 2015 (Q1) - Newsletter (Almond bloom, rain make the grass grow, spring farm care, around the corner)

May-July 2015 (Q2) - Newsletter (Summer Work, Harvest, Almonds Advice, Other News)

August-October 2015 (Q3) - Newsletter (Harvest, Feeding the Soil, Rain or the Lack Thereof, Farm to Fork)

November-January 2016 (Q4) - Newsletter (Enery Efficiency, Winter Care, Sweet Secret, Why Buy Organic?)

Febuary - April 2016 (Q1) - Newsletter (Almond Beauty, Almond Losses, Busy Like the Bees, Storing Your Almonds)

May - July 2016 (Q2) - Newsletter (Frugal Farming)

August - October 2016 (Q3) - Newsletter (Gathering the Crop, Frugal Farming, The Results Are In, Today In the News)

November - January 2017 (Q4) - Newsletter (Farming Is Like a Roller Coaster, Frugal Farming, Winter Work, No Wasting Here!)

Febuary - April 2017 (Q1) - Newsletter (Almond Apologies, Art in Harmony with Nature, Rain Rain Go Away, Stay Tuned)

May - July 2017 (Q2) - Newsletter (Summer Bugs, Hull Split!, A Hopeful New Year, A Day in the Life of a Farmer)

August - October 2017 (Q3) - Newsletter (A Healthy Harvest, Post-Harvest Busy Times, Nearing the End, A Day in the Life of a Farmer)

November - January 2018 (Q4) - Newsletter (Just the Usual, From Bud to Bloom, Introducing)

Febuary - April 2018 (Q1) - Newsletter (Spring Woes, The Plight of the Bees, Hosting the Vets, A Day in the Life of a Farmer)

May - July 2018 (Q2) - Newsletter (A Bit of a Scare, Too Crunchy or Just Right, Meet the Farm)

August - October 2018 (Q3) - Newsletter (Key #1: Organic Certification, Key #2: Regular Testing, Meet the Farmer, Meet the Farmerís Ö Animals)

November - January 2018 (Q4) - Newsletter (Do The Shake! The Mummy Shake!, ABC, Rain Rain Go Away, Meet the Farmer ... Gretchen)