One serving of almonds is 23 almonds = 1 ounce, cup or about 1 handful.
20.6 oz = 4 cups
5.1 oz = 1 cup
1lb = 3.1 cups

Q:What are the differences between your almond varieties
The differences between the almonds is often in the mouth of the beholder, so here are my opinions which may vary from someone else: Nonpareil: Most popular, sweetest, mellow flavor light skin. Attractive looking, medium size. Does not do as well as Monterey and fritz when cooked. Monterey: larger, darker skin, slightly less sweet, more almond flavor, but still rather mellow. Slightly more machine damage from shelling (nicks). We recommend 50% nonpareil and 50% Monterey when making almond milk. Can also be used in cooking. Fritz: Full flavor almond. Tastes like what you expect from an almond, fuller flavor, tiny bit less sweet than Nonpareil or Monterey. Great nut. Smaller nut. Can also be used in cooking.

Q: How long can I store you almonds and almond butter?
Almonds can be stored for at least 8 months at room temperature (68F [20.0C]), and for a year at 32 to 45F (0 to 7.2C), more than a year when frozen. I suggest take out of cold storage what you can in eat in 2-3 weeks, store the remainder. Store long term less than 75% relative humidity. Heres suggestions how to do that: Use zip-loc bag or glass jar and get as much as out as you can. This is easy with zip-loc, harder with jar. Humidity is the biggest problem so if you can get the air out, the better the almonds retain their flavor. Then place in refrigerator or freezer. For smoked almonds, its not such an issue. For smoked, they can stay room temperature for 2-3 weeks, but keep them in a seal-able bag to reduce exposure to moisture. I suggest you keep cool anything beyond a 2-3 week supply. For almond butter, keep cool such as refrigerator what you can't consume in 2-3 weeks.

Q: Do you ship to Canada or other countries
Yes, but the shipping is very expensive, contact us.

Q: Law requires California almonds to be pasteurized. How do you legally sell them unpasteurized?
: I am a California organic almond grower. Legally, the only way to get California, unpasteurized almonds is direct from the farmer. The California almond pasteurization law carved out an exemption whereby farmers can sell up to 100 lbs daily directly to the consumer via such avenues as a farmers market or roadside stand. My farm has a roadside stand and a website which acts as an extension of the roadside stand so folks who don't live near an almond grower can still get their truly raw almonds. The law does not affect foreign almonds.

Q: Since your almonds are not pasteurized, is there a health risk of Salmonella?
No, The health risk comes from harvesting on the ground where the pathogens exist. I dont. We harvest onto tarps avoiding getting rubbed around in the pathogens and thereby providing healthy and safe almonds.

Q: I dont have a PayPal account, how can I order?
You dont need a PayPal account. You can complete the order on-line, without the PayPal account. Or you can call me and I can take a credit card over the phone or I can take Venmo or a check in the mail.

Q: Do you sell in shell almonds?
We do not normally sell in shell almonds, but once per year in early Aug (nonpareil soft shell) and early Sep (Monterey and Fritz hard shell) we will sell them. I normally dont like to because I have no idea of any potential bug damage in the shell, so buyer beware. The product will consist almonds inshell and in hull and likely a few leaves and maybe sticks.

Contact us for such an order If you have any questions please email us at capayhillsorchard@gmail.com or call/text us at 530 507-8222.

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