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• Great family business; I have been buying from them for years always the best almonds. Brian the owner and his family are the best. A great family business who really puts love and dedication into their business this is what America is all about. Will always support the family owned business.
Harold Huntington Beach, CA Feb 2018

• Thanks Brian - I just made a fresh batch of almond milk with the Monterey variety and oh my goodness can I taste the difference! Your almonds are absolutely delicious!!! Thank you, thank you! I'm looking forward to trying more of your products
Gwen Belmont, CA Oct 2017

• Woe...the nuts are so delicious. They taste so different than the pasteurized store brought. Thx so very much
Bonnie Washington, Oct 2017

• I received my first order from you yesterday. Wow! What a complete surprise. Prior to this order, I wondered just how good an almond could really be – did it really matter? Oh, yes!!! I had absolutely no idea what I was missing. Your almonds are amazing! You have a customer for life now, and I’m going to spread the word. Thank you for doing what you do!
Pat Allen, TX Oct 2017

• I received your products a few days ago. Both varieties of almonds are outstanding. Becasue I love almond milk so much, I immediately soaked the Monterey almond and made almond milk. It was smooth and creamy. It is the best almonds to make almond milk! I am enjoying it more than my daily coffee.
Fanny San Francisco, CA Oct 2017

• Just received the almonds and they are incredible! Thank you and your family for all the hard work. Will order more soon.
Frank Atlanta, GA Sep 2017

• Without question your almonds are the BEST ever. I choose your almonds above all others because of superior quality and flavor as well as your attention to responsible stewardship of the land. THANK YOU
Jean Oklahoma Sep 2017

• I'm a new customer (found you recently on google search) and I was going to email feedback anyway just to say how pleased I am to have found such a wonderful family business, growing almonds the best way possible. I ordered nuts & almond butter last week which you sent right away and they are the most delicious I've ever had. It's a delight looking over the photos on your website and reading how you do everything, and I've been reading your archived newsletters too.
Lisa, Freedom, NH Mar 2017

• Thank you for providing such an amazing product and impeccable customer service. I look forward to my first taste of the 2017 crop in September! Eric, Chichester NH Mar 2017

• I just received your almonds and I have to say these are the most delicious almonds I have ever eaten. Thank you so much for your diligent hard work producing such an excellent product I really appreciate it. All the best
Dominic, British Columbia, Canada Feb 2017

• It is a pleasure to deal with an ethical, honest businessman who goes out his way to provide good service.
Square Customer Feedback Jan 2017

• I just wanted to thank you guys for the wonderful almonds! I ordered 10 lbs a couple weeks ago and have been enjoying munching on them ever since. It's great to have a source for truly raw, organic almonds here in the US. I hope for the best in your growing and selling! Thank you,
Martin, Nelsonville, OH December 2016

• I received my first order of your almonds today. Simply amazing would be an understatement! Apparently, I have been consuming almonds for decades that more closely resemble a cardboard/compressed sawdust consistency and taste. Thank you for your dedication to providing a product that nature intended. The order process was seamless and your communication and shipping was flawless. The only minor issue worth mention is the quality of the zip bag that product was packaged in. I found the bag material a bit thin and difficult to reseal. Keep up the exceptional work! I look forward to my next order.
Eric, Chichester, NH, Dec 2016

• Quality clean raw organic almonds. Repeat customer and always kind prompt service and fresh almonds.
Square Customer Feedback Nov 2016

• It was great to speak to you for placing the order. We received almonds yesterday, and what a treat! They really are delicious and so very different from commercial stores! I soaked few almonds last night, and this morning removed skin and enjoyed them enormously. Thank you for the speedy delivery and growing organically.
Chhaya, New York City Nov 2016

• Just wanted to thank you again for talking with me the other day, it was lovely ta speak to a human being. The almonds arrived Saturday, and they’re gorgeous!! Smoked almonds smelled good before we even opened the box. And I’m glad we talked about the Monterey variety - the Nonpareils are really good, but I think I’ve found a new fave in the Montereys. Thanks a million, Holly, Connecticut Nov 2016

• Your almond butter is exceptional, second to none. My search for authentic raw almond butter is over. Thank you for taking such care to grow and prepare our food. Lori, New York City Nov 2016

• Thank you so much Brian and your family for working so hard to provide us the superb quality and healthy almonds! I have been buying raw unpasteurized almonds from US for many years, before it was through a group until now. Two years ago, I found your web page and started to check your web page regularly. Recently I started to check your Facebook as well. With all carefully studies, eventually I decided to buy the almonds from your farm this year. I am so glad that I did. Almonds were delivered 7 days after the order was made (international shipping). They are sweet, crunch and fresh. They are the best almonds we have had so far. I am so lucky to find your farm. My husband said we may need place another order soon since they are so delicious :-) Thanks Brian for your generously and patiently answering my questions and trying to find the best shipping method to save money for us! All the best and regards!
Sue and family, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

• The smoked almonds are absolutely amazing!! Thank you!!
Kate, Bend OR Oct 2016

• My search is over for a good almond supplier; and I've tried several. Capay Hills almonds are so crispy, I actually thought they might have been roasted; but they are not. And I love the fact that they are truly unpasteurized. Other vendors try to confuse the consumer with words such as "raw". Finally, and intending no disrespect to Nuts.com, I like the fact that I am buying directly from the grower. I know the almond variety. I know when it was harvested. And I know how it was harvested. Yes, indeed, Capay Hills almonds are the real deal.
Robert, Colorado Oct 2016

• I received the almonds yesterday and they are the absolute best I have ever eaten!!!! I have a hard time only eating a few at a time :) ;) Thank you for growing these wonderful almonds and your farming techniques and for the speedy order / delivery!
Carol, Fremont, CA Sep 2016

• My wife and I are really enjoying the raw almonds we purchased from Capay Hills Orchard. We soak/sprout them and then dehydrate and notice with your almonds it gives them a sweet taste. We are very happy with Capay Hills organic almonds and your great customer service. You have our business.
John, Oxford, NC 2016

• Received the almond order yesterday. We are impressed with the high quality and sweetness of the nonpareil almonds. The almond butter is by far the best I have ever had. So glad I happened across your website.... Best regards!
Rose, Fairfield, WA 2016

• Awesome customer service attention to detail and great almonds!!
-Square 2016

• Excellent and efficient friendly service when ordering. The best is that they are organic.
-Square 2016

• Eating all these almonds has helped me in several ways and I’m very happy to have found you. They are superbly delicious. The almond butter is amazing. I have never had one that tasted so sweet and whipped. I will definitely be ordering that one again.
Joe, Massachusetts

• That Almond butter is awesome. The almonds are definitely the best tasting we've had.
Ken, Illinois

• We are totally hooked!!!!! I am sooooo grateful that I found you after an incredibly lengthy and exhausting internet search for healthy smoked almonds. Had to get the hubby off of those nasty MSG-laden mass-produced-without-love smoked almonds. We cannot believe how amazing yours taste - they are absolutely the BEST. Thanks! Love your website and reading about your farming practices.
Mikelle (and hubby), Arizona

• Look and taste amazing. So glad I found you! Your son had the right idea with the internet. It really takes the local farm so much farther. And, even though I do much of my shopping online, small and family-owned is what I prefer! :)
PJ, Florida

• I can’t stop eating them and I would like to order more please. The smoked ones are sooo good you are right, totally addictive, and the raw ones are so sweet and delicious and crispy. Joe, Massachusetts

• I love your almonds - they're just simply the best
Jarrett, New Mexico

• WooHoo! Yours are the best almonds I've ever had! I soaked them in salt water overnight and dried them in my dehydrator. DAYUM good! :) EXCELLENT almonds
Tim, Georgia

• We are really scarfing your wonderful almonds. The almond oil in them is quite tasty! We gobbled up the almonds---they have become our staple (excellent for almond milk and smoothies.). Your almonds have become the mainstay of our diet! Everyone who has tasted your almonds wants to know where I got them! They are wonderful! Unlike the food co-op's almonds, you can taste the essential almond oil in them and they are plump and fresh. We are going to sprout them.
Julie, Wisconsin

• We're so pleased with the freshness and quality of your almonds, they're truly crisp and delicious!
Charlene, Cayman Islands

• Your unprocessed almonds are awesome
Ron, Colorado

• The almond butter is terrific, and the consistency is exactly the way I like it,….Like is understating it. Perfect is the word. :)
Paul, California

• Hey, just got the almonds and almond butter, so fast!! My husband and I both think this is the best almond butter we've tried. ……okay, hold the phone, just tried the almonds.... ummm, almonds are crunchy? holy crap, that's amazing!!! Seriously, so happy I found your website and please keep up the good work, I can't buy this at the store!
Anne, Illinois

• I chose you over all the other organic family farms because:
1-You harvest on tarps - no additional dirt being smothered on almonds and possibly ending up in one’s mouth
2-Nice small family ‘farm’ - I like supporting these, and I love the pictures of your family and friends at work on the farm.
3-The slow-smoked almonds…truly natural and unique. I cannot wait to try!
4-Your prices - very good!
5-Your willingness to assist in every way possible; even going as far as to help your customers save on postage.
6-RAW ALMONDS! - I know I can trust from your family that the almonds I receive from you are truly raw. Thank you for your tireless support in making truly healthful food available to others. You have won a long-term customer.
Kael, Florida

• I just finished up the almonds from my last order. They make a perfect snack when I get home from work. I am just blown away by the quality of the almond butter, and the almonds.
Bill, Florida

• I'm so happy that I found your farm and your wonderful almonds! Brian is so helpful and ordering from Capay Hills Orchard is so easy...great customer service. Will definitely be a repeat customer!
Karen, Florida

• Thanks for the quick shipment on the almonds! They're delicious! I had ordered from a different organic almond grower last year and yours are much better. I'll definitely be ordering from you all again.
Janice, Indiana

• These are the most DELICIOUS almonds I have ever eaten. They are fresh, crunchy and SWEET, a quality I never knew could be associated with almonds. I have eaten organic almonds for over 30 years and did not know what I was missing. This is the first time I have ordered directly from an orchard and was truly amazed at the difference. I compared these to organic almonds available at our local health food store, and the flavor, texture and freshness of the Capay Hills almonds was far superior. I soak all my almonds in salt water (to remove the enzyme inhibitors) and then dehydrate for 24hrs and these were even more delicious and crunchy. I will be ordering these for years to come, and have already told friends. Thankyou!
Erika - Durango, Colorado

• The almonds are delicious - both the raw and the smoked. The almond butter is the best we have ever purchased and we have tried a number of brands. We will be ordering again.
Alicia - Columbus, OH

• Thanx for the almonds. They were so fresh and yummy. I grew up with an almond tree, and it took me right back.”
Jim – Newbury Park, CA 2016