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Capay Hills Orchard

Welcome to our roadside stand’s virtual extension. We are unique because we sell only our own almonds, and we harvest onto tarps, not the ground.  This method eliminates exposure to harmful salmonella poisoning.  Therefore we can safely offer unpasteurized, raw almonds for your raw foods diet.  All our products are organic. We do not mix organic and conventional products or farming methods. We do not import from Spain or any other farm. We devote 100% of our farming time towards our 1400 trees to produce high quality organic almonds for you. We really are a family farm. All eight of us farm the property. We use sustainable, organic farming practices to ensure we are good stewards of our land.

Paddock Family 2014
The Paddock Family

Please view our short virtual tour of the farm here.
Here also is a video documentary of our farm.